Django Logging

Common issues and tradeoffs between logging solutions and some logging best practices from the Django and Python cookbook.

Using Selda with Servant

How to use Selda SQL library in your Servant API the neat and beautiful way. Code listing is boring, so I also include my process of finding out how to make these two libraries working together.

Use TEXT instead of VARCHAR with PostgreSQL

I've always thought `VARCHAR` is for small text and `TEXT` is for longer form which you usually treat as a blob and don't want to index. I guess I will start using `TEXT` exclusively from now on.

Ractive Component Brunch Plugin

So I made a [Brunch]( plugin to compile [Ractive](’s single file component format. You can take a look at it here:

WooCommerce custom order state

Let’s say you’re selling leather goods, and allow customers to have their name engrave into the tag. You have a partner that do this for you and want to track the items you sent them. Here's how you can use WooCommerce custom order state to implement this feature.